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01/27/12 05:22 PM #6    


Harry Ryder III

Job well done on the site. I like it a lot.

02/04/12 07:49 PM #7    


Carol (Korki) Sherry (Haney)

Having this website is such a blessing - I check it out at least once or twice a day!!

I want to ask everyone who has joined our site if anyone remembers Pam Waight and might know whatever became of her???  She was my closest friend at Safety Harbor Jr. High and we (the various committee members over the years - since the 20th reunion) haven't been able to locate her since her divorce from Donald Wayne Moore!

02/15/12 08:53 AM #8    


Robert Bliss

A Tribute To The "Class of '62 "
With permission to modify lyrics date and reprint by Dollywood performer and songwriter James Rogers. 
I gazed into an old yearbook
Among old souvenirs
Was quite a ball as I recall
The rallies and the cheers
Funny shoes strange hairdos
Seniors in a row
To the class of '62, an old friend says "Hello"
Bonfire lights on moonlit nights
When Autumn rolled around
Our innocence was no pretense
And some words were never found
For just a see your smiles
In a time I used to know
To the class of '62, an old friend says "Hello"
The mirror tells me 'I'm changing'
And old friends tell me too
In my heart I'm remaining
I'm still that same old fool
But I guess we'll never ever see
All those faces there again
For time has blown us all around
Like feathers in the wind
So in my brain, you'll all remain
Just the way that I used to know
To the class of '62, an old friend says "Hello"

02/27/12 05:20 PM #9    

Annabeal Waller (Lefler)


05/06/12 12:48 AM #10    


Prestelene "Pres" Raney (Rice)

Really a terrific site - so well done. You reallllllllllllly did a super job. What I would like to know --- is how did you make the widget with the music???

08/23/12 07:04 AM #11    


Sue Weiland (De Young)

This website is something else and be sure to click "Listen to Music."  It took me awhile to do so but it is all  60's music and great to listen to while visiting profiles of classmates etc.

08/31/12 04:25 PM #12    

Judi Guy

Thanks for several houors worth of Memories.  DHS just had our 50th this May..and several of us will be with you all...Thanx for a great presentation...judi guy...Special hello to North Ward peeps!..judi guy


09/26/12 08:04 PM #13    

Paul Boudreau Sr.

What a great website. Bill, terrific job maintaining it. Will see you all soon. Take care and God bless. Boudreau

10/14/12 08:49 PM #14    


Margie Little (Sievert)

As the 50th approaches I would like to thank all of the committee members for their hard work. I know that the bulk of the work  ( if not all) falls on the shoulders of the people that still live in the Clearwater area. The web site is terrific and has connected me with people that I have not been in touch with for years. Looking forward to seeing all of you this coming weekend!


Margie Little Sievert

10/16/12 06:35 AM #15    


John Chittenden

Hi, if you are reading this, and you were not on the committee for the reunion, you really missed out. Over the last year, I have had such great fun with this wonderful bunch of people. THEY HAVE WORKED THEIR BUTT OFF to do a great job. Many thanks to ALL the committee members for a job well done. 

10/16/12 05:45 PM #16    


Sue Weiland (De Young)

A great hard-working group you all are and it showed.  You are all appreciated.  Thanks..  Sue Weiland DeYoung

10/17/12 03:30 AM #17    


Linda Fight

thanks to all of you who have worked on this reunion.  How blessed we are to be able to make it this far.

Thanks again for all you have done

10/21/12 08:58 AM #18    


Sue Woodard (McMullen)

Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU  to all of you who put in so many hours to make this week-end a real memory maker. Iwas only able to attend on Saturday night, but it was very enjoyable.  I know it takes a lot of work to pull off an event of this size, so thanks tons for doing such a great job.  I am looking forward to our next get together.  Sue Woodard McMullen

10/25/12 03:06 PM #19    


Jean Heberling (Bryson)

HWhat a fantastic reunion!  Lots of time to think about it as I drove home  to South Carolina.  So grateful for all the intelligent and warm classmates.  I was very moved by all of it!!   Thanks so much to the reunion committee.  This  was the best one ever..  Please stay in touch somehow!  Jean

10/27/12 11:33 AM #20    


Carole Ralston (Jenkins)

Yes, a big thanks to all who made this 50th reunion such a big success. It was great fun to renew friendships that were made so long ago. I was grateful that so many of our classmates traveled to be here for the reunion. It just shows that as a class we were very caring and close to each other. I thought everyone looked really wonderful and hope that we can all make it to the next reunion. Thanks again to the committee that made it all possible. The website is outstanding, and the event will be a very fond memory.


11/11/12 09:19 PM #21    


Lynn Hoffmann

Regarding your email about regional get-togethers, I think this is a fine idea.  The reunion was great, and cudos to all the staff who did a great job.
I would love to see one more in about five years.  We with our wheelchairs, and nurses could swap olde tyme stories.
BTW, that was a common thought about how fast the time has gone by.  As I met so many friends again, looking first at the name tag pics then they, I still felt I was 18 and looking at my 18 year old classmates.  It was a wonderful "time machine".  You have all done a very good job.  Lynn

06/18/13 09:25 AM #22    


James Gonatos

Great website

11/11/14 07:11 AM #23    


Kathy (Lisa) Ladd (Ladd-Kidder)

Dear Classmates who served in the Armed Forces,

     Today is a day of remembrance and recognition for your sacrifice and service to all of us.  We all live in the freedoms bought for us by people like yourselves.  THANK YOU!!!

     Sincerely and gratefully, Kathy Ladd (Lisa Ladd-Kidder)

11/12/14 12:07 PM #24    


Carol (Korki) Sherry (Haney)

Thanks, Kathy, for thinking of your classmates on a day for remembering!!  Wish I'd have thought of it first!!  LOL  We had quite a few who are veterans, but only John Burke (that we know for sure) from our class who gave his life for his country.  Again, THANKS!

12/19/14 01:29 PM #25    


James King

To all my classmates MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

To understand our Christnas story, you will have to read last years (2013) first.

Our Christmas story for 2013

I went to the refrigerator the other day after Thanksgiving to get something and stood there with the door open for the longest time trying to remember what I wanted.  I never did figure out what I needed in the refrigerator but I did realize that another year had come and gone and I needed to buy some Christmas cards.

So I told Judy that I was going to the store to buy some Christmas cards.  When I got there I couldn’t remember what I wanted so I bought some holy water and a box of chocolates for Judy.

When I got home Judy greeted me at the door asking where the Christmas cards were.  I told her I forgot them.  She then proceeded to get into my case for not closing the refrigerator door again.  I handed her the box of chocolates and she began to chill.

I went to the refrigerator to put the holly water in to chill and thought that the holly water is great with some chips and we didn’t have any.  Remembering to close the refrigerator door, I decided to make a list of what I needed from the store.

Upon completing the list I told Judy I was going to the store again.  When I got to the store I reached inside of my pocket to get my list only to realize I left it at home.  So I began walking the aisle of the store trying to remember what I needed when I saw chips.  So I bought some chips and another box of chocolates for Judy.  Did I tell you that Judy loves chocolates?

When I got home Judy greeted me at the door again asking where the Christmas cards were.  I had to tell her I forgot them again and she said something like “stupid you left the list on the kitchen counter top”.  I gave her another box of chocolates and she began to chill again.

I put the chips up and realized we didn’t have any salsa for the chips.  Hot salsa will put a bounce in your step and I can always use some getup stimulus.  I wish Obama gave us a stimulus package.

So I added salsa to the list and scratched the chips and was on my way out the front door when I hear Judy yelling something like “Oh no you don’t, I don’t need any more chocolates”, and I thought she love chocolates.  She told me that she would buy the Christmas card when she went shopping.

Now for over two weeks I haven’t had a bounce in my step while I patiently waited for Judy to buy some salsa and Christmas cards.  I ask you how difficult is it to remember to buy salsa? I remembered to buy her chocolates.  I was required to drink my holy water and eat my chips without salsa.  How stimulating is that?

Now it’s almost Christmas and I am trying to send out Christmas cards since Judy forgot to buy them and my salsa.  Now I am pressed to get them out in time and I don’t handle stress very well at my age so I hope you get a Christmas card in this envelope.  Just remember that it’s the thought that counts, right?  Our hearts were in this task of Christmas cards but our minds failed to cooperate.

And that folks is our Christmas story for 2013 and we’re sticking to it.

We sincerely wish you a safe and happy Holidays season.  May this story put a smile on your face and love in your heart.  God bless and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

James & Judy King


Our Christmas story for 2014

Well another Christmas is upon us and Judy and I are doing fine.  Except for the time I tried to fix the refrigerator door, this year has been uneventful.

As you may recall, last year I was having trouble remembering to close the refrigerator door.  Well that refrigerator door is again this year’s excitement.

Living on a fix income, I had bought what I hoped was my last box of chocolates for leaving that stupid door open.

Did I tell you that Judy loves chocolates?  Sometimes I buy her flowers and beg forgiveness.

Before I tell you my story about that refrigerator door, I need to tell you some things I forgot.  One is a disclaimer.  You know that warning which product   manufacture’s use to avoid responsibility when dumb people do stupid things.

The second involves some very important laws of physics like elasticity and objects in motion.  Specifically an object in motion tends to stay in motion and when an object in motion hits another object it will create an equal and opposite reaction.  I forgot all about these laws and the disclaimer.

Now being of a bright, astute and intelligent mind, I devised a simple and clever plan to fix that refrigerator door so it would always close.  All I needed was screws, a small bungee cord and for Judy to leave the house.  I knew Judy would have never approved of my idea.

“Now the rest of the story.”  “It ‘twas” not “the night before Christmas” and Judy had left to do some grocery shopping.  “Not a creature was stirring”, just me on a mission to fix that stupid refrigerator door.

When Judy went shopping, I seized the moment and attached one end of a bungee cord to the top corner of the door and the other end to the back of the refrigerator.  It didn’t take long and I was done in a jiffy.

My fix to the door was successful and worked regardless of what position the door was opened.  It would close without any assistance.

There was only one small detail which I needed to remember to tell Judy (the disclaimer).  Never let go of the refrigerator door when it is open.  This would prevent the door from closing at the speed of sound!

Now if you have a refrigerator like ours, the door has shelves where you can put milk, eggs, jars of condiments and bottles of holy water.

Since this was an easy and simple fix, it didn’t take long.  So I settled into a recliner and took a nap with “visions of sugar-plums dancing” in my head. 

When all of a sudden “there arose such a clatter”.  “I sprang” to my feet “to see what was the matter”?  “When, what to my wondering eyes should appear” was Judy in front of the refrigerator door.

Her eyes – how they starred and her “mouth was drawn up like a bow”.  I heard her exclaim; what have you done now?

She had returned home while I was napping and opened the refrigerator door before I could advise her of the disclaimer.  Never let go of the door when it was open.

When that door closed at the speed of sound, all those objects in the door were in motion.  When the door slammed shut, everything in the door launched like guided missiles on a mission of destruction to destroying everything in their path towards the back of the refrigerator.  The chain reaction of all those objects colliding with other objects in the refrigerator sounded as if it was Santa’s work shop.

There was chaos and pandemonium coming from inside of the refrigerator and it went on for what seemed to be an eternity!  What a mess it did make and I was in favor of buy a truck load of chocolates and a new refrigerator.  By now you can imagine who was tasked to clean it up.

Now I’ve been buying chocolates and flowers all year and Judy still has me in time-out.  She does not trust me and if I move, she watches me like a hawk.  As soon as I start to do something she is asking “what are you doing now?”

This is our Christmas story for 2014.  Hope it puts a smile on your face and brightens your day. 

God bless and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   

James & Judy King

12/19/14 04:46 PM #26    

Shelley Silvania (Roberts)

Really enjoyed your tale of two Christmas'!!  I think that just about all of us 70's folks have senior moments now and then!!  Found yours quite enjoyable as they are always better when they happen to someone else!!  Hope that you and Judy have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!  I will be looking forward to next years account of your Christmas mishaps!!   Shelley  P.S.  I love chocolates too!!

07/25/15 11:17 AM #27    


Bob Harris

Nice Job Bill, and thank you. Hey Bill, Your request for additional info on our deceased classmates brought to mind my good friend Rick Frazier. His death in the late 80’s early 90’s was not really understood by a close musician friend. It was either a suicide or murder. I believe it was ruled a suicide, but she was adamant it was murder. She said that he had fallen in with a dangerous crowd. I know Rick’s parents have passed. But I’m sure he had a younger sister in class of 63-64 CHS, Janice Frazier. I have tried in vein to locate her, but she has vanished without a trace. I’m wondering if anyone in our class, or on your mailing list may have a clue as to her whereabouts. 

Bob Harris



09/01/15 11:35 AM #28    


Corey Snook

Many, many thanks to Bill Bassett for the work and thoughtfulness behind this site!

Hi to everyone!  My family and I moved from Meredith, NH to Mount Dora, FL, early in 2015.  I knew it would be stressful, but underestimated the impact of the stress!  Wow!  Feel like I'm just now recovering.

My work is currently focused on a unique form of neurofeedback, a kind of "direct" re-learning for the brain called Neuro-Gen.  I developed the technology to help my daughter with epilepsy.  It's especially helpful for symptoms of brain injury, anxiety and depression. There's more at

It's good to be back in Florida, and I look forward to visiting with classmates when the opportunities arise.

I have a special request.  A classmate and highschool friend, Bill Myers, seems to have dropped off the radar.  If anyone has information, please let me know.



12/18/15 03:36 PM #29    

Frances Johnson (Heffron)

Thank all of you for your birthday wishes.  That was so thoughtful and much appreciated.  I think I heard that if you just let the birthdays slip by without acknowledging them then you don't have to count that birthday - just trying to stay younger.  And traveling to try and help also - traveled 4-1/2 mos this year (mostly by myself) & planning a trip to Vietnam in Aug with a friend.  Again many thanks.

07/30/17 10:02 AM #30    

Carolyn Patton (Vernon)

Amen to Linda!  I think the site is wonderful.  Thanks to all who participate in making this possible.  I too remember becoming a Clearwater High classmate coming from Indiana for a new school year as a sophmore.  It was trying and difficult leaving my friends from high school at Connersville High.  I felt very alone at Clearwater until my senior year.  Now when you contact classmates on face book and through this site, everybody seems like family.

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