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10/20/11 11:07 AM #1    

Bill Bassett

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11/10/11 08:00 AM #2    

Claude Miranda



  My compliments to whoever created this web site, is hosting it and maintaining it.  It is extremely well done (Bill ?).  My computer skills are basic, to say the least. Watching me on the computer is a great source of amusement to my grand children.The little heathens will get on my laptop and for the next month I'll get pop-up's or spam offering to enlarge various portions of my anatomy, some of portions I DON'T EVEN HAVE !

 But really though,  I think this is a great idea.  I'm just sorry that some of the people that I see in the "in memory" section won't get a chaance to make it to this milestone reunion.

   Anyway, I'm looking forward to further information.  Thanks.


Claude Miranda


11/12/11 09:14 AM #3    


Lynn Hoffmann

I second Claude's compliment.  This is an extremely well done site.  I am also a webmaster and cannot compete with such a brilliant accomplishment.  My hat of to you Bill.


Looking forward to seeing you again, Claude, and all my olde tyme friends. 

Lynn Hoffmann

11/13/11 05:56 AM #4    


Robert Witte

I've been using computers since 1969 and building them & writing software since 1979 and have to say that this is one terriffic site!!  To whomever is responsible, I have to say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant(s)!!"



01/27/12 02:15 PM #5    

Linda Martin Kelley

  Up until November of last year, I didn't and wouldn't change my ways; ask me why, I couldn't tell you!!!!  My son made a gift of a lap top to me last Nov. and since then I feel like a new person.  Got a flat screen TV in Dec. and cell phone in July, all thanks to my wonderful son, Byron.  I new world has opened up for me.  It hasn't been easy and I still have to struggle sometimes to find things out, but I am getting there, slowly but surely.  Thanks to whoever created this web site.  It sure makes things easier for me.  I find myself spending hours each day just reading profiles of my fellow class mates.  I have learned one important thing over the past year and that is that it was once about cliques and who was popular; now however, as we are all seniors, we need to focus on what is really important.  We need to come together as one and pray for those of us left in the class of 62 who are struggling with health problems in particular.  I am a cancer survivor myself (19 years free) and I know what it is all about believe me.

Thanks again for this web site.  Linda Martin Kelley

01/27/12 05:22 PM #6    


Harry Ryder III

Job well done on the site. I like it a lot.

02/04/12 07:49 PM #7    


Carol (Korki) Sherry Haney

Having this website is such a blessing - I check it out at least once or twice a day!!

I want to ask everyone who has joined our site if anyone remembers Pam Waight and might know whatever became of her???  She was my closest friend at Safety Harbor Jr. High and we (the various committee members over the years - since the 20th reunion) haven't been able to locate her since her divorce from Donald Wayne Moore!

02/15/12 08:53 AM #8    


Robert Bliss

A Tribute To The "Class of '62 "
With permission to modify lyrics date and reprint by Dollywood performer and songwriter James Rogers. 
I gazed into an old yearbook
Among old souvenirs
Was quite a ball as I recall
The rallies and the cheers
Funny shoes strange hairdos
Seniors in a row
To the class of '62, an old friend says "Hello"
Bonfire lights on moonlit nights
When Autumn rolled around
Our innocence was no pretense
And some words were never found
For just a see your smiles
In a time I used to know
To the class of '62, an old friend says "Hello"
The mirror tells me 'I'm changing'
And old friends tell me too
In my heart I'm remaining
I'm still that same old fool
But I guess we'll never ever see
All those faces there again
For time has blown us all around
Like feathers in the wind
So in my brain, you'll all remain
Just the way that I used to know
To the class of '62, an old friend says "Hello"

02/27/12 05:20 PM #9    

Annabeal Waller Lefler


05/06/12 12:48 AM #10    


Prestelene "Pres" Raney Rice

Really a terrific site - so well done. You reallllllllllllly did a super job. What I would like to know --- is how did you make the widget with the music???

08/23/12 07:04 AM #11    


Sue Weiland De Young

This website is something else and be sure to click "Listen to Music."  It took me awhile to do so but it is all  60's music and great to listen to while visiting profiles of classmates etc.

08/31/12 04:25 PM #12    

Judi Guy

Thanks for several houors worth of Memories.  DHS just had our 50th this May..and several of us will be with you all...Thanx for a great presentation...judi guy...Special hello to North Ward peeps!..judi guy


09/26/12 08:04 PM #13    

Paul Boudreau Sr.

What a great website. Bill, terrific job maintaining it. Will see you all soon. Take care and God bless. Boudreau

10/14/12 08:49 PM #14    


Margie Little Sievert

As the 50th approaches I would like to thank all of the committee members for their hard work. I know that the bulk of the work  ( if not all) falls on the shoulders of the people that still live in the Clearwater area. The web site is terrific and has connected me with people that I have not been in touch with for years. Looking forward to seeing all of you this coming weekend!


Margie Little Sievert

10/16/12 06:35 AM #15    


John Chittenden

Hi, if you are reading this, and you were not on the committee for the reunion, you really missed out. Over the last year, I have had such great fun with this wonderful bunch of people. THEY HAVE WORKED THEIR BUTT OFF to do a great job. Many thanks to ALL the committee members for a job well done. 

10/16/12 05:45 PM #16    


Sue Weiland De Young

A great hard-working group you all are and it showed.  You are all appreciated.  Thanks..  Sue Weiland DeYoung

10/17/12 03:30 AM #17    


Linda Fight

thanks to all of you who have worked on this reunion.  How blessed we are to be able to make it this far.

Thanks again for all you have done

10/21/12 08:58 AM #18    


Sue Woodard McMullen

Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU  to all of you who put in so many hours to make this week-end a real memory maker. Iwas only able to attend on Saturday night, but it was very enjoyable.  I know it takes a lot of work to pull off an event of this size, so thanks tons for doing such a great job.  I am looking forward to our next get together.  Sue Woodard McMullen

10/25/12 03:06 PM #19    


Jean Heberling Bryson

HWhat a fantastic reunion!  Lots of time to think about it as I drove home  to South Carolina.  So grateful for all the intelligent and warm classmates.  I was very moved by all of it!!   Thanks so much to the reunion committee.  This  was the best one ever..  Please stay in touch somehow!  Jean

10/27/12 11:33 AM #20    


Carole Ralston Jenkins

Yes, a big thanks to all who made this 50th reunion such a big success. It was great fun to renew friendships that were made so long ago. I was grateful that so many of our classmates traveled to be here for the reunion. It just shows that as a class we were very caring and close to each other. I thought everyone looked really wonderful and hope that we can all make it to the next reunion. Thanks again to the committee that made it all possible. The website is outstanding, and the event will be a very fond memory.


11/11/12 09:19 PM #21    


Lynn Hoffmann

Regarding your email about regional get-togethers, I think this is a fine idea.  The reunion was great, and cudos to all the staff who did a great job.
I would love to see one more in about five years.  We with our wheelchairs, and nurses could swap olde tyme stories.
BTW, that was a common thought about how fast the time has gone by.  As I met so many friends again, looking first at the name tag pics then they, I still felt I was 18 and looking at my 18 year old classmates.  It was a wonderful "time machine".  You have all done a very good job.  Lynn

06/18/13 09:25 AM #22    


James Gonatos

Great website

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